Paddlelite more power, more stamina and more energy.

Your paddling training partner! 


Back Strength Training - Looking to boast your energy and strengthen your back? Check out the attached guide to using the Paddlelite Pro to strengthen your back. 

Paddle training for a strong back.  

Paddlelite Australia has been busy promoting the Paddlelite Dragon and is keen to get out and talk to as many dragon boating clubs as possible. So if your a member of a club who might be interested in this training tool shoot us an email  

Paddlelite Australia is pleased to announce the all the 9 C Kayak Stores across Australia will be stocking the Paddlelite Pro machines.  So pop into your local C Kayak store to find out more information on this great training partner.

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The philosophy

Paddlelite: Balancing Power. For us, vitality means balancing physical performance and mental strength: That is why we developed Paddlelite.

Training with Paddlelite helps you to release stress, while strengthening body and mind at the same time, thus building inner and outer fitness. This is made possible by training the entire body equally, balancing the strain of one-sided, wastage movements and by meditative concentration thanks to persistent, rhythmic motion.

The rectus abdominus and oblique abdominal, arm, shoulder and back muscles are enhanced through the torso rotation exercises while at the same time increasing the athlete’s stamina.

Paddlelite meets the highest quality standards of a modern exercise device, which can be used almost intuitively: Adjusting individual training positions and controlling the heart rate is just as easy as regulating the different levels of difficulty during training.

No matter how old you are and what your day looks like – whether you are a professional athlete or easing back into exercising after an injury. At home, at the studio or in a professional training facility:

Paddling has a more positive and efficient effect on your back, your entire body and your mind than most other movements.

Optimal training conditions 365 days a year.

Paddlelite Pro allows training in any weather. The efficient canoe ergometer is the ideal alternative to the training activities in the water. Regardless of outside conditions, Paddlelite Pro will support you on your way to achieving high performances, ranging from basic endurance training to the intensive preparation for competitions.

Efficiency in all categories.

Paddlelite Pro is the perfect co-trainer for all levels. For the amateur sportsman the canoe ergometer is the efficient training tool for a holistic coordination, strength and endurance training. Paddlelite Pro helps professional sportsmen improve their competition performance – including warm up, interval training up to the active regeneration following top performances. For beginners Paddlelite Pro helps practice basics in order to improve their style. The canoe ergometer is easy to use and therefore perfectly suitable for a safe juniors training.

More fitness for the entire body.

Exercising with Paddlelite Pro is a challenging total body workout and the perfect combination of endurance and strength training. The permanent rotary motion will strengthen the oblique abdominal muscles as well as the lumbar spine muscles, stabilising the back and defining the muscles of the upper body and the shoulders at the same time.

Compact Dimensions.

The dimensions of the Paddlelite Pro are very compact due to the fact that the drive unit is mounted below the seat. The advantage is that the training tool can also be used at home or in small club houses. And with regard to its visual appearance there is no need to hide the Paddlelite Pro, thanks to its modern design.

Paddlelite Pro 

More Power, more stamina, more energy:

Paddling with Paddlelite:

  • Efficient cardiovascular training
  • Build up and define upper body, shoulder and back muscles.
  • Paddlelite offers joint conservative training for every age group- on 365 days a year
  • User friendly and intuitively handling
  • Professional athletes can correct their technique and monitor their performance